We are a global coalition founded by Muslims, ex-Muslims, academics, scholars, authors, and activists who stand for peace, democracy, liberty, and secular governance and who are deeply concerned by the continuing threat posed to these values by the actions and demands of Islamists in various places around the world.

We embrace democratic values founded in reason and critical debate and the fundamental freedoms set forth in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

We support liberty and dignity for all persons, including women and girls, and whether or not one is Muslim.

We believe that, without fear of apostasy and blasphemy laws, every individual has the right to speak freely, engage in critical thinking, publicly express criticism of Islam, and has the right to freedom of religion or to have no religion.

Because we value peace and democracy, we reject the acceptance of and justifications for jihad, the use of dawa for political purposes, and advocacy for the institutionalization of sharia.

 We invite all like-minded people to join in supporting these core principles.

CLARITy Coalition Statement re: Protests in Iran

We wish to express our solidarity with the brave protestors who have risen up against the theocratic regime of the Islamic Republic. The brutal death of Mahsa Amini has inspired and emboldened her fellow Iranians, both in Iran and in the diaspora, to resist oppression and demand freedom.

Many protestors have died at the hands of the brutal Iranian regime, but still more protesters refusing to be cowed, take to the streets, demanding an end to theocracy. Men and women, young and old, rural and urban, affluent and poor—never has the Islamic Republic faced such a threat to its very existence represented by this broad coalition. 

What will come of the protests is unknown. But we can hope that freedom will finally ring out in that great, ancient land. We at CLARITy stand against theocracy and for secular governance, liberty, and democracy, and so we stand wholeheartedly with those Iranians who are risking their very lives in this cause.

We call on democratic nations everywhere to also support the protestors. Their fight is a physical one as much as an ideological one. Their lives are on the line every day. If we do not show support for them now, then when?

We reject those who hide behind slogans such as ‘Islamophobia’ to distance themselves from this great surge of freedom fighters. If the democratic world stands united in solidarity with these brave Iranians, then perhaps the dream of a free Iran could be realized. 

To the Iranian protestors, we say: we are with you. Keep fighting the good fight. You are showing the world how important democracy and liberty truly are. You are an inspiration to us all in the defense of democratic, secular governance that guarantees women’s equality,  religious freedom, freedom of expression and other basic rights 

In the hope that your struggle will be victorious, CLARITy Coalition stands with you.