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Evelyn Markus

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Evelyn Markus was born in The Netherlands. Since 2006 she lives in the United States with her partner Rosa. Evelyn holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She was the founder and CEO of a consulting firm specializing in program development against (the impact of) violence. She developed programs for Nike to empower women in the Middle East & Africa through sports; she advised the City of Amsterdam at opening their first Honor Killing Crisis Center; and the Anne Frank House on combatting antisemitism from Muslim immigrant youth. She was a member of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s task force for Dutch Parliament against violence in Dutch Muslim households.

Being a daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors, she became active against the rising global antisemitism since 2000. She co-produced the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Never Again Is Now’ (2019) about (Muslim) Jew-hatred, together with The Blaze TV. Currently, she co-hosts ‘Never Again Is Now Podcast’, a weekly podcast about antisemitism. She is a sought-after speaker about rising global Jew-hatred and her op-eds are published in leading Dutch newspapers, Gatestone Institute, and Frontpage Magazine. Evelyn is a board member at Free Hearts Free Minds, an organization that provides emotional support to LGBT and ex-Muslims.