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Syed Sohail Raza


Organizational Affiliations:
• Director, Forum 4 Learning
• Director, Muslims Facing Tomorrow
• Director, Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism

Sohail Raza has had a distinguished career in the airline industry for over 35 years, first in Pakistan, then in the United Arab Emirates and in Canada.

He has worked in ground operations, customer service and operational control dealing with corporate security and liaising with law enforcement in his role as airline lead at Toronto International Airport.

Raza is a keen observer of politics in the Muslim world in general, and Pakistan in particular. Having travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, he lived in Baghdad where he got his first taste of Middle East politics.

His interest in geo-politics stems from his family’s prominence in military intelligence, diplomacy and bureaucracy in Pakistan.

Sohail has appeared on mainstream media to comment on geo-politics and how this relates to the Canadian Muslim diaspora. He has taught courses in Politics and Islam at George Brown College and Ryerson College in Toronto.

He is recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada (2012).