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Mathew Giagnorio

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Mr. Giagnorio is a writer, researcher, and the creator and host of the podcast Modes of Inquiry and the founder and editor-in-chief of A Further Inquiry. He has a background in philosophy with a focus on the Classical and Early Modern periods and a keen interest in the works of Spinoza and Hume. 
He was profoundly impacted as a child by 9/11 and the subsequent effects it had on policies, politics, and society internationally which began his intellectual journey and insights into the history, language, and development of Islamism and Islamist terrorism.
He believes that freedom of speech/expression is the cornerstone of liberal democratic secular societies and that it must protect the individual rights of minorities within minorities, such as freethinkers and LGBT, whose community or family might wish to harm or silence them due to religious fundamentalism. Hence, he regards the domestication of religion as one of the unremitting responsibilities, and hallmarks, of civilization.
Mr. Giagnorio’s recent work includes: