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Michael Arizanti

Michael Arizanti is a Dutch-born social justice activist who was raised in Norway and has made remarkable contributions to a variety of fields. As the conflict surrounding radical Islamism in Sweden grew increasingly volatile, Michael shifted his focus to battling Islamism. Working with the international Muslim community, he realized that this was the best approach to combating violent Islamism and radical Islam. He gained invaluable experience during his time as the project manager for the Our Lives initiative in Rosengarten, Sweden, which was recognized internationally for its success as a groundbreaking initiative against violent terrorism and ISIS ideology.


Michael’s extensive experience as a former analyst for Midstone Centre for International Affairs and former analyst for the Think Tank Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism in London has brought attention to his expertise in Kurdish Affairs and political Islam. He is renowned for his insightful analysis and commentary, as well as his deep commitment to promoting justice and equality for all. Michael is also the co-founder of Inhalation of Hope, a charity that works tirelessly to improve the lives of Yazidi children in Iraq following the ISIS genocide. His work has earned him numerous accolades and continues to challenge the status quo to promote positive change. With a unique perspective and a wealth of experience, Michael Arizanti is a leading voice in shaping the conversation around some of the most important issues of our time. Whether writing about the latest developments in Middle East affairs or speaking out against human rights abuses, Michael Arizanti remains a passionate and dedicated advocate for positive change. His tireless efforts to advance the cause of justice and equality have earned him widespread recognition and respect in his field. With his extensive knowledge, unbridled passion and tireless efforts, Michael Arizanti continues to challenge and inspire those around him as he works towards his ultimate goal of promoting understanding, promoting positive change and making the world a better place for all.